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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Year hosting website for $9.95 Only

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  • Monday, June 2, 2008

    PassionDuo Blue Blogger Template

    Here is the blue version of our latest make money blogger template first converted here at eBlog Templates. This amazing PassionDuo template for Blogger comes in three colors: red, blue, and green. The green version will eventually become available so if red or blue isn’t your thing, you might want to wait.
    This template includes several popular ad formats for your blog. You get a 468 x 60 banner spot in the header, six 125 x 125 banner spots in the right sidebar, and plenty of other sidebar spots for skyscraper banners.
    We’ve also included our popular sidebar widgets such as Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and the cool Feedjit (real time visitor widget). Just paste in your blog rss feed urls into the Recent Posts & Comments widgets and they’ll start working.
    Unlike most other custom make money blogger templates, we’ve taken the extra step and setup the “Fonts & Colors” functionality. That means you can change all the colors and font styles easily by just using the built in Blogger section. We’ve also customized the comments section so it looks very professional as well.
    PassionDuo also includes top tabs which can be added via your Blogger page element screen. The rss feed icon will automatically appear once you add your first tab so don’t be alarmed after you first install it.
    Configuring the rest of this template is actually quite easy. You can swap out the ads and replace them with your own or feel free to keep the existing ones if you don’t have any to use. Make sure you check the “Expand Widget Templates” checkbox on the “Edit HTML” page within Blogger before trying to make any edits. Also make sure to backup your old template just in case you make a mistake.

    Details and Installation Here